Vehicle Branding, Car Signs

Vehicle branding remains a very good way to create an ongoing, recurring presence of your brand in the mind of customers.


Vehicle Branding = Mobile Advertising

When people see your company branded vehicles driving past in the traffic or parked on the roadside this cement’s your corporate identity in their minds. Your vehicles will be advertising your brand for you even when you are not aware of it. Your brand will reach even more places than you might think it could.

Truck and Vehicle Branding – Options

  1. Vehicle wrapping can cover your entire vehicle in your brand (or part of that vehicle) and can offer car owners many different options for mobile advertising.
  2. Vehicle signage in the form of vinyl stickers applied directly to your car doors, fenders and / or back window provides visibility at a cost much less than that of a full car wrap.
  3. Car magnets provide a quick on and off solution for those who want to advertise their company to some extent but want the option to be able to remove the signage as well.

Prices differ when it comes to these car signage options, so you are sure to be able to find one to suit any budget. As can be seen above, there are many different routes open to you when it comes to vehicle branding.