Car dealership windows branded with special offer

Car Dealership Branding

The key reason for branding your car dealership is to generate Vehicle sales. In order to accomplish this, its essential to use every tool at your disposal.

One such tool available to you is the exposure of your dealership & sales-offers through branding, in the form of showroom signage & vehicle branding. Ultimately its your dealership you want a potential customer to notice, whether because of an advertised promo, or bold, exciting, showroom window graphics.

Your potential customers need to know what you stand for and what you can offer them. Your overall brand package should speak volumes for you.

With our vast experience in this field we can offer you options to accomplish the above effectively.

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    Car dealership windows branded with special offer
    Vehicle branded with car dealership demo model offer

    How the car dealership branding process is handled:

    • We meet with you to understand your Corporate Identity requirements and current Marketing & Brand plan
    • Together we will then build a Branding Strategy that will help you accomplish your objectives, Effectively and Economically
    • Our design team will then conceptualize this strategy for overall look and feel, ready for your approval
    • This includes superimposing the suggested layouts on images of your premises or vehicles in question, so as to give you an actual view of the final product

    Options available in a full Marketing / Branding plan include:

    •   Promotional "sales-offers" branding on vehicles
    •   Number plate panels
    •   Flags
    •   Gazebos
    •   Banners
    •   License disk holders
    •   Vehicle Chip Protection / Body Armour
    •   Many other products...



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