Vehicle Branding, Car Truck & Vinyl Stickers
Marketing with Signage: When you start any marketing campaign, your main objective is to increase your revenue and generate your brand’s popularity. To design an effective marketing campaign, you need to first understand what your target audience is actually looking for. By conducting a market research you can easily accomplish […]

How to Create Engaging Signage

Boat Signage and Marine Branding: Pepito Designs have had great success with providing boat signage for the boat building industry.   We have done work on standard yachts and boats along with catamarans, for such companies as Two Oceans Marine, as well as supplying and fitting boat names and striping […]

Boat Signage

Business Signage refers to different types of graphics and text that is created in order to provide information, or direct people to find a certain place, street, product, business or service. A lot of signage traditionally relies on wording together with pictures to convey a message.  Signage which relies only […]

What is Business Signage?

Are you looking for signage in Cape Town? Shop window signage, sign boards and estate agent signs are simple, cheap and usually easy to install.  They provide versatile ways of showing people who you are and what it is you have to offer. There are a large variety of ways […]

Signage, Cape Town

Hmm, lightboxes, old school right?  Well, it is true that they have been around and used for many years.  But, with some forethought and planning they can be used as a powerful marketing tool to help your brand, business or shop stand head and shoulders above the rest. Many people […]

Lightboxes – Glowing your Brand!