Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Tools you will need

  • Old credit card
  • Scissors
  • Spirit Level
  • Tape measure
  • Ruler
  • Masking tape

SURFACES- Best on smooth flat, dry and clean surfaces
NOT SUITABLE FOR: rough and bumpy surfaces. Anything with texture eg textured paint, rugs, fabric, clothing etc.
DO NOT put on hot and temperature items like a toaster, oven, braai,kettle, hairdryer etc.

Please follow these instructions carefully, as we cannot be held responsible for incorrectly applied stickers, or damage to paintwork through incorrect application.

Repair Your Surface

Clean the area where you will be placing your vinyl sticker. In order for it to stick you need a smooth, dry and clean area. Ensure it is free from dirt/grease. Ensure the surface is completely dry. For freshly painted walls, allow 2 weeks for the paint to cure.

Vinyl Layers

There are 3 layers. The top layer being the application tape (plain thin white paper), next the vinyl (the sticker) and the paper backing of the sticker vinyl.IT IS COMPLETELY NORMAL FOR YOUR STICKER TO HAVE LINES IN THE TOP LAYER. This is just from being rolled up. Lay it flat on the ground in a room that gets lots of sun for a few hours. This makes it soft and pliable. You need to get the lines out, so while your sticker is warm and easy to work with, lay it down flat and use your card to rub over the entire sticker.

Cutout Stickers

Depending on your design, you may need to cut around. Some designs are specially broken up into sections eg. trees, to allow you to arrange them as you wish. Be cautious where you cut.

Plan the layout of your design

Tape your design in place using masking tape, keeping all 3 layers together. With a pencil make registration marks on both the sticker and your wall. (use a pencil that will rub of).

Sticking time

Remove from the wall and carefully peel off the backing, making sure the vinyl sticker stays on the application tape. If the vinyl lifts repress it with your card. The vinyl sticker is extremely sticky, so please take care when moving and positioning the sticker after the backing paper if off it can easily stick to itself.
SMALL DESIGNS – If you are working with small stickers, you can easily just peel off the backing with a rolling action and stick it straight down where you want it.
LARGE DESIGNS – If the pattern is larger than you can handle – get help. Larger designs need extra care. Once you have taped it in position, place a large piece of masking tape across the center of your design to hold it in place, starting from the top of your design ( keep the rest of your design taped). slowly peel away the paper backing with a rolling action, just so a little of the sticker is showing, bend the backing paper ( fold it if necessary) stick the top of the sticker onto the surface. repeat this step until the entire sticker is stuck down. On the longer designs tear the backing off as you go down. You will
still be left with the application tape on the front of your design.

Smooth it out

Once your sticker is stuck onto the surface, starting on one side of the design, smooth the sticker (still with transfer paper on front) onto the surface to remove bubbles and wrinkles continue firmly smoothing out the transfer paper all the way down.

Remove application tape

To remove the application tape start at one corner and slowly peel if off. It helps to peel flush with the surface. If any part of the sticker sticks to the application tape, stick it back and repress the design onto the surface. continue peeling away slowly. Once you have taken the application tape off you may see a few bubbles, simply take a needle and poke a few times into the bubble and leave it for a day or two to go down by itself. If it does not go down us a hairdryer on a very low heat and smooth it down with your finger.

Removing your wall design

  1. Your sticker can be removed quite easily without damage to your walls as long as you follow this advise
  2. Use a hair dryer at low heat and fan setting
  3. Direct the air flow to the area you are lifting
  4. Slowly remove the sticker at a 180 degree angle
  5. Take your time

We have provided very clear instructions on how to apply vinyl stickers, however we cannot take any responsibility for errors you make during the fitting of your sticker, we also cannot be held responsible for any damage to paint work when you are removing your sticker. This is a home decoration product and is supplied on the premise that you may have to touch up areas of paint work after removal.