What is Business Signage?

Business Signage refers to different types of graphics and text that is created in order to provide information, or direct people to find a certain place, street, product, business or service.

A lot of signage traditionally relies on wording together with pictures to convey a message.  Signage which relies only on images has also been used in the past.  This type of pictogram is being used more and more in our modern society (for instance in airports) in order to get information across to people who speak a different language, but can easily recognize a picture.

Signage purpose:

While the purpose of a sign board is to inform the person viewing it, it can provide the viewer with information of various types.

This visual communication can provide the following:

Pure information, for example sign boards that provide maps of an area, information about services, or facilities nearby.  Street signage often provides pure information to pedestrians and motorists.  The main purpose of the street name is to help people to find their way around towns and suburbs and so must be recognizable and instantly legible.

Safety signs that warn of danger, tell people how to use something safely or provide instructions for using or wearing equipment to provide personal safety.  This type of sign needs to be understood from a distance by people who are driving and perhaps are foreigners and do not speak the local language.  This is why unique shapes and pictures are often used for signs, such as the red octagon for the stop sign, or a black horse and rider to warn motorists to slow down and be careful of horses in the area.

Directional signage that points out directions in the form of arrows, or indicates where a particular service or facility is situated (for example toilets).

Signs that identify a particular room by name or number, whether toilets are male or female, what number of floor you are on etc.

What is Business Signage?

Businesses use signage in a variety of ways.

  • To promote the business
  • Increase recognition of the business
  • Inform of sales or specials
  • Identify where the business is (for example which building it is in, or what floor it is on).
  • Associate a certain image, character or even colour with a particular brand or business.

So if you are looking for ways in which to provide your customers with directions, safety information, increase the foot traffic through your shop or business or emphasize your business logo and brand then you can be sure that you can find some type of signage that will help you do just that.

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