Wall Decals, Stickers and Wallpaper

Wall stickers are otherwise known as vinyl wall art or sometimes referred to as wall tattoos or wall decals. They are stickers cut out of vinyl and applied to an interior wall in order to liven it up a bit.
Often, wall stickers are used to brighten up children’s rooms. Sticking your child’s name on his or her wall can help them to learn how to write their names. Thanks to this type of wall sticker they can begin to recognize the shape of their name and relate it to the sound.

Lately the use of wall stickers and wallpaper has soared in popularity. Architects and interior designers are using wall decals and wall art to decorate and enliven homes and living areas. Boring, dreary office spaces have been turned into vibrant, unique areas of colour and atmosphere thanks to some creative thinking.

Wall Stickers and Wallpaper:

Printed wallpaper can have tremendous impact when added to a conference room or office area. Natural colors and prints can be used to soften the stark look of plain white walls and grey offices. Banks, schools and shopping centers have been using them to brighten up otherwise dull interior spaces.

You can make use of wall stickers and printed wallpaper creatively in order to advertise and portray your company and brand in a unique way that standard signage cannot. If you have had your vehicle wrapped, why not extend your brand with wallpaper or a variety of wall art?

Reasons to use Wall stickers and Wallpaper:

Wall signage

Wall signage

  • Liven up dull office areas
  • Make a brand statement
  • Impress visiting customers
  • Highlight a new product

Pepito Designs have a lot of experience with wall sticker application.

Recent jobs include: Wall coverings at Pinelands High School and recently a massive wall sticker project for the Cape Town office of PriceWaterHouseCoopers.

Please contact Pepito Designs for a quote on any wall tattoos, wall stickers, wallpaper and wall decals that you might need.